Saturday, February 10, 2007

They call that entertainment?

You can thank Danny Gans for this. I'd contemplated starting a golf blog for awhile, but Las Vegas' "Entertainer of the Year" hastened its creation.

It has failed to climb above freezing for almost two weeks here in Northeast Ohio, reducing golfing options to near zero and leaving us to watching PGA Tour for our Saturday golf fix.

It's no secret that the Bob Hope and the AT&T are weak yukfests posing as golf tournaments as the various celebrities fail to bring games or funny to the course with them. But is it necessary to torture viewers with cutaways to Danny Gans every five minutes? How many of his weak swings do we need to see? One is excessive.

Mrs. Jones, who possesses a pretty high degree of cultural awareness, had to ask who this guy was? She'd never heard of him. (Answer: He's the headliner for some schmaltzy act at a Las Vegas casino.) He makes Kevin Sutherland look like Elvis by comparison.

Perhaps the ratings are higher for these pro-ams. I'm just glad that the Sunday telecast for the AT&T more closely resembles a golf tournament. There's not much chance that the sandbagging CEO (he's an 18?) playing with Phil Mickleson will be looking for cheap laughs tomorrow.

But who knows. He could be funnier than Danny Gans. Shouldn't be hard.